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We know from experience that buying products online can be a dubious process due to uncertainty about the ordering process, or even a general lack of information about the products themselves. We want our processes to be crystal clear for new customers, so we have assembled this page comprised of frequently asked questions from previous customers in order to help alleviate doubts about the process and to provide you with a sense of certainty when shopping with us.

How does 420 Purifier work?

With the help of the activated carbon filter, the 420 Purifier neutralizes undesired odours and, to a large extent, removes harmful compounds from smoking.

How does it compare with other air purifiers?

Because 420 Purifier is small enough and non-disruptive it can be installed anywhere in the room. It contains large quantities of high-quality activated carbon found only in air purifiers with a price range between EUR 500 and EUR 1,000.

Why is 420 Purifier more effective than other air purifiers?

Dynamic design combined with a high-performance fan guarantees maximum effectiveness because the device captures almost all of the exhaled smoke at its source. This allows the device to operate only for a short time during smoking while providing maximum effectiveness. Since most of other commercial air purifiers do not allow effective capturing of the exhaled smoke at its source they require several hours of operation to achieve a similar effect.

What kind of maintenance does 420 Purifier require?

420 Purifier practically does not require any special maintenance besides occasional cleaning. The casing can be wiped with a damp cloth, whilst the aluminium mesh can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Such cleaning removes dust and excess ashes accumulated during smoking. Besides cleaning you should also occasionally replace the activated carbon, thus restoring the device to its original state.

How often should the carbon be replaced?

In case of everyday use, activated carbon should be replaced approximately once a year or even less frequently if the device is used on an occasional

What is the lifetime of 420 Purifier?

420 Purifier is made of quality materials. The casing is made of robust wood panels manually assembled and glued into a massive structure. There are two aluminium sheet metal plates inserted between the panels which serve as a chamber containing activated carbon. Air circulation is provided by a centrifugal fan with airflow of 270 m3/h. Because the lifetime of this type of fan exceeds 50,000 hours, and because each 420 Purifier is manually assembled, checked and tested, this device will still be working many years after its purchase.

How much does shipping cost?

We ship our products worldwide and shipping costs vary based on the country of the delivery. Price of the shipping for one product ranges between 18,70 € and 28,70 €. In order to see the exact shipping price calculations please fill your cart with all the items you’d wish to purchase and continue the ordering process until you reach the payment method, where exact shipping cost is already provided. Shipping cost is quite a pain for us. Because our product is made of wood, incorporates a powerful fan and a lot of activated carbon, it weighs over 9,5 kg. Because of this, the shipping fee is high, when compared to buying other products online. But it also means our product is robust, powerful and will operate without problems for a very long time.